Batch Mixers

Batch Mixers

Batch Mixers

Batch Mixer, as is implied by its name, mixes singular batches at a time. This is in contrast to a Continuous Mixer where the material is added and discharged without any break in the mixing process.

In the case of Color Concentrates and Color Masterbatch manufacturers, all of the material is added at one time prior to the mixing cycle. The material is mixed until all material is homogeneously distributed and the proper characteristics are met. Mixing speeds are kept low to keep material degradation to a minimum. Mixing is based primarily on an established to ensure all material is homogeneously distributed.

Reliance’s Batch Mixers come in Low, Medium, and High Intensity Styles. Ingredients in a batch mixer are added at the beginning of the cycle or throughout different stages of the cycle. They are either manually operated or automatically by a centralized PLC. Material is discharged after a fixed time has elapsed, a set temperature has been reached, or other parameters such as amps have been reached. Reliance can supply controls for batch mixers using PLCs or a combination of Timers, Push Buttons, and Potentiometers. VFDs, Starters, and all instrumentation can be supplied on the mixer and control panel. Reliance Batch mixer comprises an array of different styles.

Batch Mixing Cycle

Batch Mixers from Reliance consist of High Intensity, Medium Intensity, and Low-Intensity Mixers. All ingredients must be added, mixed, and discharged before another batch can begin. Materials can be added prior to starting the motor or throughout the mixing cycle. In addition, Ingredients are pre-set and weighed prior to introduction into the mixing vessel. A Batch Mixer mixes a single batch at a time.

Batch Mixers : PVC

In the case of PVC end products such as pipe, siding, conduit, etc., The ingredients are added throughout the cycle of the batch. Resin is added to the mixer and heated to a set temperature.  Plasticizers, modifiers, heat stabilizers, fillers, and other ingredients are then added throughout different temperatures of the batch. Once the material reaches a set temperature, 230F for an instance, it is discharged from the High Intensity Mixer into the Horizontal or Vertical Cooler.

A full batch mixing process can include the introduction of PVC Resin, Calcium Carbonate, TiTO2, Plasticizers, Modifiers. After that, other ingredients are will be fully mixed in under 6 minutes. Typically, in a PVC application Resin is introduced and brought up to a temperature so it will allow its pores to open up and absorb the other additives. In addition, the material changes its form throughout the batch from a liquid paste to a dry powder as different ingredients are added throughout the cycle. As a result, the motor amps start to change as the material gets closer to its drying-out point.

Batch Mixers : Color Concentrate Mixer and Color Masterbatch Mixing Cycle

Firstly, Most of the material is added at the beginning of the batch in a Color Concentrate Mixer or Color Masterbatch cycle. Secondly, Materials are mixed until they are equally dispersed and the proper characteristics are met. Mixing speeds are kept low to maintain minimum material degradation and heat generation. Above all, Mixing is based primarily on an established time to ensure that all materials are equally mixed.

Batch Mixers : Industrial Spice Mixers

Food and Spice Batch Mixer can be horizontal or vertical in construction. The horizontal units will be either Paddle Mixers or Ribbon Mixers. The Paddle Mixers can be supplied with chopper assemblies to help facilitate in break-down of clumps. While the vertical units either have a tool coming from the top lid assembly or a bottom entry shaft with the tooling sitting on the shaft seat. In addition, Vertical units can also have chopper assemblies to facilitate the breakdown of clumps.

PVC MIXERPVC Mixer of Reliance is typically specified out to run at a minimum of 40 meters per second for efficient usage. In addition, Reliance VFM High-Intensity Mixers are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 2000 Liters. Above all, From lab units to production units, Reliance mixers use tools that are belt-driven with the use of pulleys and a vertically integrated motor to blend PVC, Color Concentrate Mixer, Toner, and other materials in need of high shear and high frictional energy.