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Top View 600L High Intensity Mixer

Batch Mixers

Reliance High Intensity, Medium Intensity, and Low Intensity Mixers are Batch Type Mixers. All ingredients must be added, mixed, and discharged before another batch can begin. Material is either manually by weight out ingredients by hand or automatically by a PLC Based Weight and Conveying System. The material is discharged after mixing based on time, temperature, or other parameter. PLC Based or Manual Controls can be supplied with the Mixer with all safeties, Starters/VFDs, and instrumentation in place to ensure proper processing.

Control Systems

Reliance Industries, Inc. has been working with its costumers to automate their operations while providing accurate information in reports and real time data.Information is vital in order to make Long-Term and Short-Term production decisions.

Reliance Mixing Equipment

Reliance Mixing Equipment are used to mix different materials prior to processing. The level of mixing is what typically separates the type of mixer needed in an application. Some mixers are used to facilitate chemical reactions that need to be partaken on different materials while others are used strictly to achieve a homogenous blend. Reliance Mixers supplies Low, Medium, and High Intensity Mixers which can be supplied with various features and options.

Powder Coating Container Mixer