Rebuild Services

Rebuild Services

Engineering & Rebuild Services

Rebuild Services: Firstly, With the proper dimensions, Reliance Mixers can manufacture new High Intensity Mixer and Vertical Cooler bowls of any make. In addition, from Henschel & Prodex Bowls to Cylinders of Plasmec Mixers, Reliance can supply replacement components using thicker material for longer life and extra flow bars for a faster cooling cycle.

As in the case of our Littleford High Intensity Mixer and Papenmeier changeover, Reliance can decrease the blend/cycle time by up to 2-3 minutes while giving a more uniform blend. Furthermore, Reliance would start by replacing the existing (2) tool design with the more conventional 3 or 4 tool variant design. In addition, Reliance would change the pulley ratio to ensure a more optimized batch time.

Rebuilt Mixers:

Reliance’s knowledge in manufacturing its own mixers allows us to rebuild mixers of different make and models. We are more than willing to rebuild and supply used mixers with our standard 18-month warranty. Reliance will change out parts that are worn including tools, cylinders, bearings, seals, and couplings. Gouges and scratches will be welded and polished smooth, motors will be rebuilt or replaced, and a fresh coat of paint will be applied. Mixers will run for 8hrs ensuring ample time for the bearing temperatures to be checked and the motor to be tested. If new controls are required for your use we can supply a Push-Button or PLC Based Control Panel.

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Henschel Vertical Cooler 1750L
Littleford 2400L Horizontal Cooler
Henschel FM1000L High Intensity Mixer
Plasmec Mixers’ 5500L Horizontal Cooler