Reliance Mixers

Reliance Mixing Equipment is used to mix different materials prior to processing. The type of mixer in an application will depend on the level of mixing needed. Reliance Mixing Equipment consists of High-Intensity Mixer, Cooling Mixer, Paddle and Universal Mixer,  and Container Mixer. Some of these mixers are used to facilitate chemical reactions needed to partake in different materials. While others are used strictly to achieve homogeneous blends.

Our Mixers come in Low, Medium, and High-Intensity Styles that can be supplied with various features and options to provide and meet your mixing solution needs.

In addition, Reliance Mixers has been working with its customers to automate their operations while providing accurate information in reports and real-time data. Information is vital in order to make Long-Term and Short-Term production decisions. Furthermore, Reliance Controls Systems provide the tools to gather all necessary details for management to make the proper choices for their plant’s growth.

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Reliance Mixer Types:




HIGH INTENSITY MIXERSHigh Intensity Mixer can be thought of as mixing that requires lots of energy and heat. The typical tip speed of the mixing tools will be greater than 25 meters per second. Therefore, Reliance High Intensity Mixer comes in our Standard, Direct-Drive, and budget-friendly E-Series designs.
COOLING MIXERSReliance Cooling Mixers are Horizontal and Vertical in design. The flow bar layout provides a turbulent flow design which contributes to a high heat transfer rate. By maximizing the cooling surface area and having a highly rated cooling jacket, Reliance Coolers give some of the fastest cooling rates in the industr In addition, Reliance Horizontal Cooling Mixer can be supplied with jacketed End Plates to also facilitate lower cooling times.
ROTOMOLDING MIXERSRotomolding Mixer : High Intensity Mixing requires less energy than PVC, Color Concentrates, Toners, and other Applications but needs enough to give a homogeneous mix in a short time frame. Additionally, The typical tip speed of the mixing tools will be 20 meters per second and at this speed, Polyethylene and Pigments get mixed within 3-5 minutes. Therefore, Reliance Rotomolding High Intensity Mixers (RFM) are being manufactured for this intensity mixing need and requirement.
PADDLE & UNIVERSAL MIXERSReliance Paddle and Universal Mixers are medium intensity mixers that homogeneously mix large amounts of material. Thus, these mixers are used to gently homogenize dry powders, granules, pastes, slurries, and liquids.
CONTAINER MIXERSReliance’s (RC) Container Mixer is a medium intensity mixer primarily used in industries where the dispersion of material and pigments are essential but where an aggressive mix is not necessary. So these units are frequently used in the Powder Coating & Color Concentrate Industries.
REBUILT MIXERReliance’s knowledge in manufacturing its own mixers allows us to rebuild mixers of different makes and models. We are more than willing to rebuild and supply used mixers with our standard warranty. Furthermore, We will change out parts that are worn and rebuild the tools and air cylinders as well as build up any gouges in the bowl, lid, and discharge plug.
MIXER CONTROLSMixer Controls – Reliance offers a number of controls options from Push Button to PLC Operated Systems. As a result, Control Panels can allow for recipe storage, parameter retrieval, automatic or manual cycle operations, and much more. In addition, controls can be easily tied into existing systems if need be.