Cooling Mixers

Cooling Mixers

Cooling Mixers

Cooling Mixers of Reliance are Horizontal and Vertical Cooler Mixer type. with these coolers,  the proper turbulent flow can be created insuring high heat transfer rates by maximizing the cooling surface area and having a highly rated cooling jacket.

Thick walls and extra flow bars attribute to fast cooling and longer life. Vertical Coolers of Reliance can be supplied with Cooling Cones and Humps to decrease cooling times.

Reliance Horizontal Cooling Mixer can be supplied with jacketed End Plates to also facilitate lower cooling times. Both designs can be supplied with larger discharge openings. As a result, this drastically reduces cycle times and increases overall production rates. In addition, Reliance Cooling Mixers are consistently giving SUB-6 MINUTE COOLING BATCHES due to their unique design parameters.

Horizontal and Vertical Cooler Discharge

Firstly, the larger the opening the faster the product discharges from the Cooling Mixer vessel. Secondly, the faster material discharges, the faster it becomes available for the next batch from the mixer. Lastly, limit switches are installed on the Discharge giving feedback as to when the valve is opened and closed. Further, a horizontal Cooler Mixer can be supplied with either Slide Gate Valves or Flapper assemblies. On the other hand, Vertical Cooling Mixer comes with a discharge plug that is pneumatically operated.

Horizontal and Vertical Tools of Cooling Mixers

Vertical and Horizontal Cooling Mixer Tools of Reliance are specially designed to continuously move material along with the Vessel Jacket, insuring a rapid cooling period. Additionally, These Mixer Tools can be mirror finished or coated to increase the life of the Tool. Reliance Horizontal Cooler Tools consist of Paddles that are bolted onto the ends of Arms that are bolted together at the shaft.

The Paddles cover the length of the Cooler Mixer Vessel along both Arms. It ensures that material is constantly being thrown against the wall of the Cooler Mixer Vessel. On the other hand, Vertical Cooler Tools ride along the bottom of the Cooler Bowl. Large units are bolted at a central hub near the Cooler Shaft.

Horizontal and Vertical Jacket of Cooling Mixer

Horizontal and Vertical Cooler Jacket is the most important component for this Mixer functionality. Flow Bars within the unit are designed and laid out to ensure the turbulent flow that is mandatory for efficient use. Further, Our Vertical Cooler Mixers are not only jacketed around the top Cylinder but are jacketed on the bottom plate of the Cooler as well.

A vertical Cooler Mixer can also be supplied with Cooling Cones to increase the cooling surface area of the unit. Hence, Reliance Horizontal Cooling Mixers are jacketed around the entirety of the cylinder and lid and they can also be jacketed around the End Plates as well.

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