PVC Mixer

PVC Mixer

PVC Mixer

PVC Mixer of Reliance is typically specified out to run at a minimum of 40 Meters per second for efficient usage. Reliance VFM High-Intensity Mixers are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 2000 Liters. From lab units to production units, Reliance mixers use tools that are belt-driven with the use of pulleys and a vertically integrated motor to blend PVC, Color Concentrates, Toner, and other materials in need of high shear and high frictional energy.

The full Batch mixing process: PVC Mixers

PVC Mixers: A full batch mixing process through a batch mixer can include the introduction of PVC Resin, Calcium Carbonate, TiTO2, Plasticizers, Modifiers. After that, other ingredients are will be fully mixed in under 6 minutes. Typically, in a PVC application Resin is introduced and brought up to a temperature so it will allow its pores to open up and absorb the other additives. In addition, the material changes its form throughout the batch mixer from a liquid paste to a dry powder as different ingredients are added throughout the cycle. As a result, the motor amps start to change as the material gets closer to its drying-out point.

Speed Level

PVC Mixer runs at fast speeds and runs round the clock. They are the workhorse of a plant and are integral to the Blending System. Our PVC Mixer is typically specified to run at a minimum of 40 meters per second for efficient usage.

Reliance PVC Mixer Blades Feature

Reliance PVC Mixer has a minimum of (3) Mixing Blades that run at a high speed. This is to get material to the proper temperature throughout the batch mixer to properly absorb and integrate all ingredients.  Blades of PVC Mixer are facilitated with a Lid Mounted or Side Wall Deflector. These Blades push material back into the center of the bowl.

PVC Mixer with Cooling Mixers

PVC Mixer works in conjunction with our Cooling Mixers. Reliance Cooling Mixers come in either a Vertical or Horizontal design. Firstly, The Cooling Mixers receive material from the PVC Heat Mixer that can be upwards of 245 degrees F. Secondly, It is jacketed for the circulation of Chill Water. As a result, the material reduces temperature down to 140 degrees or less. At this temperature gets below 160F the plasticizer becomes fully absorbed and encapsulated with the resin. Above all, PVC Mixer under Reliance’s Batch Mixer is manufactured by our skilled set of engineers together with our support team to meet your mixing solution needs.

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