PVC Mixer

PVC Mixer

PVC Mixers

Reliance PVC High-Intensity Mixers are designed to run at 40 Meters per Second ensuring a properly homogeneous blend in a fast time frame. Our High-Intensity Mixers are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 2500 Liters. From lab units to production units, Reliance mixers use tools that are belt-driven with the use of pulleys and a vertically integrated motor to blend PVC, Color Concentrates, Toner, and other materials in need of high shear and high frictional energy.

In conjunction with our High-Intensity Mixers, Reliance’s Horizontal and Vertical Cooling Mixers provide fast and efficient Cooling. Thicker walls and heavy duty drives and seals provide the longevity and maintenance friendly assemblies our customers desire.

PVC Mixing Process

PVC Mixers: A full batch mixing process through a Reliance PVC Mixer Combination includes the introduction of PVC Resin, Calcium Carbonate, TiTO2, Plasticizers, Modifiers, and other additives. In a PVC application, Resin is introduced and brought up to temperature prior to other additives being introduced. As a result,  the  chemical makeup of the material and the consistency of the batch changes . Once all of the ingredients have been added and the batch has reached its final temperature it is then discharged into the PVC Cooling Mixer. In the Reliance PVC Cooling Mixer, the material temperature is drawn down to below 135F in 5-6 minutes and is then dropped into a conveying system that takes material away for further processing.

PVC Mixing Speeds and Cooling Times

Reliance PVC Mixers run around the clock. They are the workhorse of a plant and are integral to the Blending System. Our High Intensity PVC Mixers are typically specified to run at a minimum of 40 meters per second for efficient usage. Reliance Horizontal Cooling Mixers are engineered to cool a batch down in 5-6 minutes.

Reliance High Intensity PVC Mixer Blades

High Intensity PVC Mixer have a minimum of (3) Mixing Blades that run at a high speed. Larger units have up to 5 blades. This is to get material to  proper temperature and to efficiently homogenize all ingredients.

Reliance Cooling Mixer Jacket Efficiency

Reliance PVC Cooling Mixer jackets are designed for high pressure. As a result, the units allow for fast and efficient cooling. Flow Bars and Jacket thicknesses are specifically engineered to rapidly cool product without the usage of  localized pumps and reservoirs. Jackets are rated for 60 PSI field usage.