Rotomolding Mixer

Rotomolding Mixer

Rotomolding Mixer

Rotomolding Mixer :  High Intensity Mixing requires less energy than PVC, Color Concentrates, Toners, and other Applications but needs enough to give a homogeneous mix in a short time frame. In addition, The typical tip speed of the mixing tools will be 20 meters per second. Typically, at this speed, Polyethylene and Pigments get mixed within 3-5 minutes. Therefore, Reliance Rotomolding High Intensity Mixers (RFM) is being manufactured for this intensity mixing need and requirement.

Reliance Rotomolding High Intensity Mixers (RFM) come in our Standard design. Our High Intensity Mixers are designed with efficiency and user-friendliness in mind. The Assemblies and Components are engineered to maximize production and minimize downtime associated with a plant’s maintenance program.

High Intensity Mixer Discharge

Reliance Rotomolding High Intensity Mixer Discharge openings are designed for fast and efficient removal of material from the Mixer Bowl and the discharge assembly is supplied with a pneumatic cylinder and contoured plug to match the radius of the mixer bowl. In addition, the assemblies can be supplied with easy-clean features that facilitate fast turnarounds.

High Intensity Mixer Lid

Firstly, Reliance Rotomolding High Intensity Mixer Lids are flanged dished ends that are machined flat and supplied with a dome-shaped gasket. Secondly, The gasket supplies a leak-proof seal with the top ring of the mixer bowl. Furthermore, these Mixer Lids are constructed out of Stainless Steel and can be mirror polished for easy cleaning. Moreover, they can come in a Clam-Shell, Swivel, or Pivot / Tilt Design. Lid openings are made to customers’ requirements.

High Intensity Mixer Tools

Reliance Rotomolding High Intensity Mixer Tools are specially designed to fluidize material and create a deep vortex flow pattern within the Mixer Bowl. They are self-cleaning and polished smooth. These Rotomolding High Intensity Mixer tools are uniquely engineered that can be provided to suit your mixing and application needs.

High Intensity Mixer Deflector

High Intensity Mixer Deflectors of this mixer are designed to turn the material into the vortex of the mixer. By forcing the material back into the center of the bowl, a highly homogenized end product can be achieved. These deflectors are not required in the mixing of Polyethylene but can be added as an option.

Rotomolding High Intensity Mixer Bowl

Reliance High Intensity Mixer Bowls are made out of a Stainless-Steel construction. Rotomolding Mixer Bowls can be made with or without a jacket. Most rotomolding applications require a 150 grit high finish for easy cleaning.