Reliance Vertical Cooling Mixer  (VCM) 

Reliance Vertical Cooling Mixer (VCM)

Reliance Vertical Cooling Mixer  (VCM) 

Vertical Coolin Mixer of Reliance can be supplied with Cooling Cones and Humps to decrease cooling times and also comes with a discharge plug that is pneumatically operated. In addition, this Cooler is not only jacketed around the top Cylinder but also on the bottom plate of the Cooler as well. Further, the tools of this mixer ride along the bottom of the Cooler Bowl. Moreover, this can be supplied with Cooling Cones to increase the cooling surface area of the unit.

Reliance Vertical Cooler provide the same functionality as their Horizontal Cooler counterparts. They work with the same turbulent flow theory in mind to ensure high heat transfer rates. Our Cooler Bowls and Cooling Cones are designed for high-pressure ratings to increase throughput in your blending process.

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Vertical Cooler Components and Assemblies

Cooling Jacket
Jacketed Cooling Cones & Humps
Cooler Lid
Large Discharge Openings