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Engineering & Rebuild Services

Engineering & Rebuild Services

Engineering & Rebuild Services

New Bowls & Cylinders : With the proper dimensions, Reliance can manufacture new High Intensity Mixer and Vertical Cooler bowls of any make. From Henschel & Prodex Bowls to MTI & Plasmec Cylinders, Reliance can supply replacement components using thicker material for longer life and extra flow bars for a faster cooling cycle.

As in the case of our Littleford High Intensity Mixer and Papenmeier changeover, Reliance can decrease the blend/cycle time by up to 2-3 minutes while giving a more uniform blend. Reliance would start by replacing the existing (2) tool design with the more conventional 3 or 4 tool variant design. In addition, Reliance would change the pulley ratio to ensure a more optimized batch time.

New & Rebuilt Tools : Reliance can supply New and Rebuilt tools for all make and model of Mixer. Rebuilt tools can be welded and ground back to OEM specifications. They are stress relieved after the rebuilding process. Both New and Rebuilt Tools are coated either on the leading or on the entirety of the Tool. Prior to shipping, the tools are dynamically balanced and polished to the customer’s final requirement. Reliance can rebuild Henschel, MTI, Plasmec, Papenmeier/Welex, Littleford, and many other manufacturer’s tools.

Consulting & Engineering : The Engineering Consultants at Reliance Industries have completed many projects to help customers with existing Mixer and Blending Systems. Whether it is shortening Blending and Clean-Out times for stand-alone Mixers or improving throughput and quality on full-fledge Blending Systems, Reliance can pin-point your needs and provide vast improvements to your existing production.

Older Henschel, Papenmeier/Welex, and Littleford Mixers run with 2 tool systems. In addition the Littleford and Papenmeier/Welex Mixers run slower. Reliance can provide the Engineering Services and Hardware to increase batch times and batch sizes for these High Intensity Mixer.

Many Blending Systems are undersized and created with out of date technology. In order to get them up to date and more cost-effective, Reliance Consultants and Engineers do a thorough analysis on existing Blending Systems. Our recommendations come with many years of experience and our solutions are proven in many plants throughout the country.

To set up time for one of our consultants to come to your site please feel free to contact us at your convenience.